Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker Manual (USA)

English version for USA

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Hip Notes:
Fissler makes two models of this pressure cooker – the one made for the American market is distinguished by having the letters “US” engraved in the metal near the lip of the lid, to the right of where the handle connects to the lid.  The Vitaquick is spring valve pressure cooker with two settings: low pressure (one ring displays) and high pressure (two rings display). Maximum operating pressure (second ring) is 8.7 psi or 60kpa.

When operating the pressure cooker, turn it with the handle to the left, so excess pressure is released towards the back of the cook top and not towards the cook. Pressure is released in two directions – turn cooker with handle of the cooker pointing toward the cook before releasing pressure to avoid being in the line of steam. Store with up-turned lid over the base with the detached handle in the lid.

The original Fissler Eurovalve (left) has a spring-loaded glass ball for overpressure safety, and the replacement (right) has a white ball.

Readers have reported steam leaking out of the handle when in use. If this is the case, tighten the handle screw under the lid before each use as it tends to get loose during cooking, cleaning and storage.

If tightening the handle does not resolve the problem, one reader who purchased two US Vitaquick sets (from different sources) was able to isolate the leaky steam problem in both to a faulty Eurovalve. The replacement sent from Fissler had a different-colored ball in the center (see photo) and resolved the problem.

Manufacturer Website: Fissler

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