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Manufacturer Website: Fissler

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  1. Hello, a newbie here.
    I’m looking to get this PC, and am torn apart by trying to decide between the 4.5l and the 6l models, so if you could aid in my dillema it would save the day!

    I will be cooking for a single, items, of those that I regularly cook already, include: 500g chickpeas, 500g rice/brown rice, 200g pasta; those that I am buying the PC for are: beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and the one pot meals that have peaked my interest ever since I’ve discovered the niche of pressure cooking on the internet, and thus – your site.

    There’s also the option of getting it in a set that includes a 2.5l pot. Assuming I’m your average visitor, do you think it would come in handy? If so, do you mind pointing me to a recipe or two as an example of it’s use? Sorry, I’m still not quite getting the hang of the site’s navigation yet.

    Awaing your response,
    Gloomy Moonie

  2. I have the 4.5l version of this pot and I absolutely love it and use it all the time. Very easy to use and clean. The Yellow/Green/Red pop-up indicator is very helpful in my opinion–it definitely took some of the “fear” of pressure cooking away for me because I can see exactly what’s going on and adjust the heat accordingly. I don’t have to pay quite as close attention to the sound and steam to know how it is cooking.

    I also debated about buying the 6l vs. the 4.5l and I’m glad I chose the smaller. I haven’t had any capacity problems yet. I just cooked about 540 g of brown rice in it last night following the instructions on this website and it only came to the 1/3 mark inside, so I probably could have done a little more. I’m also cooking for one so I don’t make huge pots of things and have been very happy with my decision not to get the bigger one. I also thought about getting the set with the smaller pot, but really can’t imagine what I would cook in it that I couldn’t just cook in the 4.5l pot.

    1. Thanks, AmyO, HelenAdams!
      Hearing your input is reassuring, and I think I’m set on going with the 4.5l now. My last concern would be regarding the recipes here – have you had any trouble replicating them, considering that most call for a 6l PC?
      And lastly, do you think it’s worth getting a glass lid? A non-perforated insert? Spare parts in advance?

      1. I mostly have used this site as a great reference for learning and cooking time logs. I’ve only made a few of the recipes and I think either chose recipes that would fit the 4.5l or I adjusted them to fit (it has been a while so I don’t remember). There is a good section on recommended capacity in this site, and the inside of the vissler pots are very clearly marked with both volumetric marks and simple 1/3, 1/2 marks so you can be sure to scale the recipe if needed to fit.

        For the lid, I would consider if you have other cookware (with lids) that are around the same size. If not, the lid would give you another use for the same pot. I didn’t buy it because i have too many pots and lids already! I have not purchased the non-perforated insert either because I haven’t come across a need for it. I usually will just put a bowl in the perforated insert or directly on the stand if I need something like that.

        I have thought about buying a replacement for the main gasket because I bought the cooker in Germany when I lived there and they don’t sell this model in the US, where I live now, so it is not so easy for me to get parts anymore. But if I still lived there I probably wouldn’t bother unless I thought they were going to stop making them because I could just order them or go to the department store to buy.

  3. I don’t have a Fissler but I have 6 litre and 4.5 litre PCs. The 4.5 is plenty big for most things IMO. Easier to handle and sauté in etc. I would dearly love a 2.5 litre though so tough choice.

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