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    Greg Lee

    I’m fixing bean soup from a 13oz. package of 10 different kinds of beans from “The Women’s Bean Project”. It was a Christmas present. It came with a spice packet which, however, I’m not going to be able to use, since my wife noticed it lying around in the kitchen and “put it away” in some place she is unable to recall.

    I’m part way through fixing the soup. I’m not asking for a recipe (though I was surprised to find no recipe for this in Laura’s cookbook), since I seldom follow recipes, though I would read any recipe you suggest, with interest, but rather I thought you all might have relevant suggestions or observations of a general nature.

    Here’s a sample recipe from the IP web site: http://instantpot.com/13-bean-soup/

    Here’s where I am. Yesterday, I put the beans to soak and cooked up 3 cured smoked ham hocks in my IP DUO60 with water to cover, plus a piece of onion, a piece of daikon, some red pepper flakes. I fished out the solids, put the broth in the fridge, and this morning I skimmed off the fat, and rescued a few scraps of meat from the ham hocks. Now I have 7 cups of a rather solid gelatin, which tastes pretty good, but not great.

    Now, I am poised to finish it off by dicing some carrot, some onions, perhaps the rest of the daikon, salt, spices, and adding those, a can of tomatoes, and the soaked beans in and pressure cooking for, say, 20 minutes.

    There are some questions in my mind. Should I really use the daikon (which is a Japanese sort of monster radish — my wife got it for me under the impression it was a parsnip)? Should I really use the can of tomatoes (I have a can of nice San Marzanos that I ought to use up)? What spices to use (I’m thinking of ground Chipotle pepper and “herbes de Provence” that has rosemary, thyme, etc.)? Should I saute the aromatics?

    I have few anchovies that I ought to use up, also. Garlic?

    Laura Pazzaglia

    I’m on my way out the door and need to look at this when I have more time.

    In the meantime, I found your soup mix and if you read at the bottom of the Nutritional Info box – you’ll find the contents of the spice packet!

    spices: salt, garlic, dehydrated vegetables (spinach, tomato, onions), paprika, turmeric



    Greg Lee

    Thanks for looking up my lost spices, Laura.

    I’m sorry to clutter up this forum, but when I try to reply on the original thread, the site software says I must be logged in to reply. Apparently, though, I am logged in, otherwise how could I make this post?

    I finished making my bean soup according to my plan, and it’s good, except it’s too tomato-y. My wife had several bowls.

    I did saute the onions and carrots, did not use garlic, did not add salt other than what the cured ham hocks had. I noticed that your cooking charts gave a shorter time for beans, but you also said that adding salt or acid would increase the time, so that’s why I used 20 minutes for the last phase.

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