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    Many Feathers

    I’ve had the Smart for about a week and am blown away by how cool it is. I think I would like a 2nd IP. I’m now debating between another Smart, or Duo or Ultra.

    What first got me thinking is the Duo is on sale at Kohls for $99 and I have a 30% off coupon. $70 is a pretty good price. It surely would be nice when we have family dinners and I could cook the main meal in the Smart and have the vegies sitting in the Duo waiting to start until everyone arrives and then just start and they’re done in a couple minutes.

    But, then I thought $70 toward the Ultra is a pretty big hunk of it, especially with the 20% off at Sur La Table. I really like the ability with the Smart to see what’s going on in the pot. Is the graph on the Ultra really indicative of your timings? For instance, if you put it on pressure cook for 1 minute, versus pressure cook for 10 minutes, will that change the length of the middle section on the graph? If you haven’t programmed a Keep Warm, does it NOT show that section on the graph? If the graph is kind of just a gimic, I thought…

    Why not just get another Smart? But…I’m thinking that would get confusing with the apps. I could put one pot on the tablet and another on the cellphone, but which one is which? Anyone use 2 Smarts at the same time? Does it work? Sometimes, I think, when you have too many bluetooth connections going, they don’t work so well. But i could be wrong.

    As always, thanks much for your comments…and for all the incredible helpful info on this website :-)


    Many Feathers

    I bought the Ultra yesterday! Love the ease of turning the dials. The graph works, but not as specific as the Smart, of course. I have 60 days to return, so thought I’d give it a try.

    Would still be interested in comments on having 2 Smarts.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Congrats Mary! I only have one SMART so I’m not sure how that would work – you bring up a very good point about how to program them differently, tho!

    Would love to read comments from readers who have two!!




    Don’t mean to hijack your thread. I currently have the older version of the Breville Fast/Slow Cooker and I love it. I’ve been using it for 2+ years now. I’m really starting think we need a 2nd pressure cooker in the house and I am debating between a SMART (sequential programming + delay timer so breakfast is ready in the morning when we wake up) or an ULTRA (better display than the DUOs + delay timer, but minus sequential programming).

    Since you have both, which do you end up preferring?

    Thank you!


    Many Feathers

    Hi Jean,
    Sorry I haven’t answered in a bit…holiday chaos :-)

    I really like both of them for different reasons. I think the Ultra is probably easier to use if not using the app. I took the Smart to my sister’s house for Christmas to set it up to delay for frozen peas and carrots. Did not take my tablet (where the app is) along. I could not figure out how to delay the start as there are 2 timers on it. Wanted to look that up before I responded, but thought this is taking too long. Will look it up later and let you know.

    The Smart is really cool though, for knowing exactly what is going on inside the cooker. And, it’s easier to program IF you use the app. I just haven’t done that much yet.

    My dad has the Duo and honestly, that’s probably the easiest to program (if not using the app on the Smart). Although, it doesn’t have as many options.

    Hope this helps even a little. I know how hard it is to decide. My New Years resolution is to use both of them lots more. It gets so hectic here right before Thanksgiving all the way through New Years. I’ll let you know as I proceed and if you have any other questions or comments, let me know :-)



    I guess if someone is App friendly and keeps to their VERSION of Stable App and does not update it all the time then its safe.

    Maybe we ought to have a spare iPhone to update the App, mess with it and if it goofs up revert back using stabler app.

    There was I take I could revert older iOS Apps using iTunes on the PC which used to put the older app version into Recycle Bin which could be inserted into iTunes if one did not like the workings of the latest version of the app.

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