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    Jodi Salice

    I’m a pressure cooker noob. My mother gave me hers and I had much success my first time using it a few days ago. :-) I’ve seen recipes with whole chicken and thought I’d give it a shot, so as instructed, I put a couple cut up carrots and celery in the bottom, poured about an inch of water, and set the chicken over the top. It’s been pressurizing for 45 minutes. Is this right? The gasket is on “seal”.


    By “pressurizing” I assume you mean “still coming up to pressure”. It doesn’t sound right.

    But it depends on your pressure cooker. Different ones need different minimum amounts of liquid. A large pressure cooker takes longer to come to pressure than a smaller one. Further the more that is in a pressure cooker, the longer it will take to reach pressure.

    Make sure everything is sealed. Don’t just rely on indicators. Especially if they are just a knob. Check the gasket is not leaking. Likewise make sure that any over pressure valves (mine has several) are in place and not leaking. Is the main gasket clean and in good condition? Is steam coming out where it shouldn’t? Is too much steam coming out?

    There should be NO steam coming out around the main gasket. If it is it is either not properly in place, dirty or damaged.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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