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    Anyone own both the Instant Pot Lux 6qt AND Instant Pot Duo 6qt ?

    If so, could you help me figure out what’s happening? Do you see similar things with your Duo to what I see?

    Grew up in a pressure cooker family. Used some stovetops and but mostly Presto electric for many years until getting an Instant Pot Lux 6qt V3 last year (and mostly didn’t look back).

    Recently got a Duo 6qt V3 (not the Plus) to try some things with low pressure. But can’t really get off the ground due to crazy results at high pressure. Thought it was a defective unit, so got my hands on a different Duo 6qt V3 and still getting crazy results. Super confused. The odds of two defective units in a row are minimal. Hoping someone can shed some light. It’s like the pressure in the Duo is way too low, even though it is definitely set to the high setting.

    The Lux 6qt cooking time at pressure pretty much aligns with expectations and guidance on the internet. With both of the Duos that I’ve tried the cook times / results are nothing at all like the lux, and take much longer.

    I’m going to use cauliflower for my careful side-by-side comparison between the Lux and the second Duo. But first let me share some general observations. Both duos reach pressure much more quickly than the Lux. And when I do a quick release, I get much more steam from the Lux than from the Duos (it’s not even close).

    Side-by-side comparison:

    Both the Lux and the Duo had been sitting unused for several hours. Both had ~ 6 ounces cauliflower florets in normal size chunks in a basket with feet, with 1 cup water. Both were set to Steam 20 minutes (the time didn’t matter because I was going to manually stop them early anyway). Duo was set to high pressure. Started them at the same time.

    Here are the events:
    3 minutes 40 seconds: the pop-valve seals on the duo

    4 minutes 25 seconds: the duo reaches high pressure, begins 20 minutes pressure cook time

    7 minutes 45 seconds: the pop-up valve on the lux finally seals (had I tapped on the lid it would have sealed sooner)

    8 minutes 35 seconds: the Lux reaches pressure (at this point, the Duo has 16 minutes left on the display, which was counting down from 20)

    I then quickly turn off both the Lux and the Duo. Immediately do a quick release on the Lux, and ~ 45 seconds after turning off the Duo do its quick release. And again, way more steam out of the lux than the duo.

    Open lids to check results. The cauliflower in the Lux is nicely done, maybe a little on the mushy side but pretty much perfect. The cauliflower in the Duo is not even close to done. Have to jab it hard with a fork. I didn’t do the same exact comparison with the first Duo, but it was very similar and is what prompted me to think it was defective.

    There are a lot of recipes out there for the instant pot, but the two I’ve tried don’t align.
    Any clues ???

    Sorry for such a long message.
    Oh, and one more thing. When I do the water tests per Instant Pot’s instructions, the Duos don’t fail. No problems with leaks.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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