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    I have a few questions about the times on the chart.

    instant pot, stove top & electric pressure cooker cooking time chart

    Giant White Beans (see Corona or Lima) – Corona and Lima beans have vastly different times on the chart, so I’m not sure which to use.

    Masoor (see Peas, split) – There are two entries for split peas, which should be used?

    Mung (see Adzuki, green) – The cook times are different for these two (there are times for dry for Mung that are different than Adzuki).

    Also, I have a couple of unusual varieties that I grow in the garden and it’s difficult to find cook times for them. I’m hoping for some guidance on these.

    Moth Bean (Vigna aconitifolia) – They are teeny tiny little beans (about the size of a short brown rice grain), and I have 5 pounds of them in the pantry to use up (productive little suckers).

    I also have a couple of pounds of white runner beans that I would love to cook up (same size as scarlet), do they have the same cook time as the reds?


    Laura Pazzaglia

    The entry for “giant white bean” does refer to two different varieties because Lima or Cornona are both referred to by size as well, but depending on the type the cooking time differs.

    I just changed the reference to Masoor pointing to split lentils. Either way, there are three “split” entries but they are all different: split peas, split lentils and split chickpeas. Can you clarify where you see the duplicate entries?

    The time entries on the Mung bean were placed in error. I have removed them. When there is a reference to another entry all of the other columns should be blank. Thanks for pointing it out!

    Let me research your specialty varieties – it would be great to add them to the chart! What is the recommended conventional cooking time for those?




    Oh, ok, I think I get the “Giant White Bean” now. I was thinking that referred to a specific variety called “Giant White Bean,” but it actually is referring to any large white bean, and it sends you to the appropriate type?

    The two split pea entries are for green and yellow or orange. Now that Masoor points to split lentils it’s fine.

    Thanks for fixing mung.

    As to the Moth Beans, that’s tricky. I have seen stovetop times from 15 minutes to 35. Many recipes are Indian, and they refer to number of whistles for stovetop PC (4-5). Other places say to cook as for lentils.

    I have no idea on the white runners. Most recipes I can find assume white runners are Cannellinis, and these are not – they are quite large, Corona kind of size. Maybe I can start there.


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