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    I was going to pick up some scotch fillet the other day for sous vide. But it was north of $50 a kilo. So it stayed at the butchers. However my man did have some beef cheeks that were much more affordable. But I have no idea what do do with them. I know they are super tough if mistreated but melt in the mouth tender and-tasty if cooked properly

    Sadly my quick google suggested times in the pressure cooker ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Oven times varied from two hours to eight, while slow cooker ranged from four to twelve hours. No mention of sous vide at all.

    My gut feel is three or four days @58°C in the sous vide, probably swimming in something like a Chinese master stock after a sear to add Maillard flavours.

    Does any one have any real world experience cooking these. Method doesn’t matter. I am just trying to pin down some timings from a source I trust.


    I have never made beef cheeks or even seen them in a store/butcher.
    I know our google experiences vary by country but can’t think why so I included the first 3 recipes and a discussion on chefsteps.

    I always find it exciting to try something different even if it doesn’t turn out. (usually does)

    I cannot imagine paying $50 a kilo for Scotch Filet or rib eye steak. (I had to look it up) I would have difficulty paying that for T-Bone or Prime rib although the day will probably come.

    Sous Vide Beef Cheek, Sweet Sherry Sauce, Perfect Fries and Char Grilled Scallion



    Thanks for those links @Helen.
    I don’t know why they didn’t show up for me. I even searched MCDB and CS specifically. Sigh.

    I have had a quick look. I am Astounded at the 82° mentioned in several of them. That seems awful high for meat in SV. May as well just PC them for 45 minutes

    I will reread in a few days and give one or more a whirl. I bought a pack of six so I can try a few different things as I will probably only do two at a time.


    Here are a few more, one at least is at a lower temp (for ox cheeks but I imagine they are similar).

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