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    I did a turkey breast for Thanksgiving. It was almost6 lb and I cooked for 32 minutes. It was done but really tough. I put some liquid in – around a cup. What did I do wrong?

    Beth W

    Did you hasten the cooling process at all? That can cause the liquid left in a large hunk of meat to suddenly boil and thus leave the meat, and so the meat turns out dry. You can hurry the cooling if the meat is in small pieces, like for stew.

    I can’t find the exact place on this site where Laura explains that, but here is a short explanation.

    “Use natural release for most meat-centered pressure cooker recipes. It will slowly (10 to 20 minutes) bring the temperature of the super-heated meat down and prevent all of the high-temperature-juice inside from evaporating away in a aromatic cloud and leaving behind a nearly inedible and definitely tasteless hunk of fibers that used to be meat.”

    Five amazing pressure cooker meat tips & tricks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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