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    Or maybe not?!

    Want: Keto spicey lamb casserole with celeriac mash and other veg, prob green beans.

    Sounds like there would be loads of recipes online but none keto AND spicey that I have found after a 3 day search :(.

    Ingrediants so far:
    600g diced lamb leg
    Stock = what to use no problem but amount?
    Mushrooms seem a no brainer now
    Onions, celery, garlic, ginger and a whole chillie are added with no expection of seeing them at the end.

    What spices to add – beginning or end?

    Veg? Carrots and pots are out. I like to be seasonal so maybe courgettes/squash, fennel, green sweet pepper or other.

    Would like to have with celeriac mash (?cooking time on top of cass in foil or pot on trivit) and maybe green beans. Celeriac looks like being about 70g, green beans 220g (using my Tesco online order).

    Can I chuck a handful of spinach or kale in at the beginning for their nutrient value?

    And what about baby onions (shallots), where might they fit in? And does adding mint (or fresh or dried herb) help at any point with flavour?

    Stevia will be our only sweetener but you can use your own if wanted and we’ll experiement with the stevia!

    Not cooking until Saturday so if Laura or anyone else can be creative I’ll give it to Laura free for her new keto PC cookbook. LOL!

    This could be my first one pot meal ….. (PLEASE!)

    Many thanks




    Sorry. I saw ‘recipe conversations’ by mistake. Please fell free to move.


    Linda Kaufman

    As an experiment, I will try to cook, why not, only celery is very specific)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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