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    I was reading several of the dessert recipes in Hip Pressure Cooking and the directions say, Do not cover. Every other cookbook on pressure cooking says to cover the pan tightly with foil. I am curious to learn why you would not cover a cheesecake when using a pressure cooker. Thanks in advance.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Traditional recipes have you cover a cheesecake so that the steam is kept in the form. Covering a cheesecake during oven cooking generally keeps it from drying out and “cracking” during cooking. There is no fear that the cheesecake will dry-out and crack in the pressure cooker so covering a cheesecake will only slow down the pressure
    cooking time and encourage un-even cooking (aka soft middle).

    BTW, I’m not alone. A long-time author of many pressure cooker cookbooks, Lorna Sass, also recommends not covering cheesecakes. In addition, her recipes suggest blotting the top of the cake dry with a papertowel after the pressure cooker is opened.


    Recent cookbooks on pressure cookery that crank out hundreds of recipes from authors that also write cookbooks for any other “hot” appliance (aka panini maker, slow cooker, microwave ovens) could not have possibly tested all of the recipes that are in their books. So, they say what everyone else is saying because they copied the recipe, changed a few ingredients and instructions, and published a book.




    Nice suggestion, thanks for the detailed answer! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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