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    I want to cook some collards and ham hocks in my instant pot, and was looking at this recipe http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2013/01/pressure-cooker-ham-hocks-and-collard-greens/

    It says to cook at high pressure for 30 minutes. That sounds long, but I think the author says that amount of time is needed to tenderize the collards. Now, I’m not one who objects to chewing when eating greens, and I don’t think collards need to be cooked into submission. So I am hoping someone here pressure cooks collards and can tell me what timing they use.


    I always use nomnompaleo kale recipe for pressure cooking collards. http://nomnompaleo.com/post/18128850657/pressure-cooker-braised-kale-and-carrots
    8 mins at high pressure, so 30 sounds long.


    Thanks, Carol!


    I ended up making a broth from the ham hocks first with the 30 minute timing and then using that with the collards for the 8 minute timing. The collards were melt in your mouth tender, so I think I would use an even shorter time in the future.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Thanks for letting us know how it worked out for you!

    I don’t have access to Collard Greens, but when I read this topic I wondered if “overcooking” greens is a “thing”. You know, in the cooking time chart we write cooking times for when something is “just” cooked but different recipes might call for you to push the envelope even more (like ragu cooking longer than “ground meat”).

    I don’t know if this would apply here, but I thought it would be worth mentioning to explain the loooooong cooking time in the original recipe!




    I didn’t grow up eating collards, and I don’t know anyone who cooks them besides myself, so I am only going by my own tastes. I prefer the greens to need chewing. Cooking them southern style often does mean cooking them to death, and the first recipe I ever tried called for blanching them and tossing out the water before cooking them to death in a broth, so both the flavor and the texture of the collards were gone.


    When I cook any kind of greens with ham hocks, I cook on stove top. I cook the ham hocks first till they loosen from the bone, then add the greens to the pot till they are done. I would think pressuring the hocks about 10 minutes should be enough. I have never cooked them in a pressure cooker because I put them on and check on them occasionally while doing other things. I use a pressure cooker a lot for meats. I will cook some hocks the next time to see how long it takes. I am from the south and do not like mushy greens.

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