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    Sherry Elliott

    Tonight I cooked Jasmine Rice and fresh salmon, they both cook at 4 min each. Can I cook them together in the same pot at the same time instead of cooking them separate? What of combinations of other foods can I cook together? Thanks Sherry


    There are lots of foods you can combine.
    Basically if they cook for the same time at the same pressure and use the same release method, you can cook them together. If the times are different, you can often speed one up or slow the other down to allow you to cook them together. Or you can cook one for a while, then drop pressure and add the second one and return to pressure.

    Laura has a whole chapter in her new book devoted to this concept. That chapter is worth the purchase price on its own. One I have tried from it and been very happy with is Drunken Cowboy Chili with Cornbread and Corn Salsa. All in the one pot at the same time.

    Sherry Elliott

    thank you for answering my question. I’m enjoy learning as I go. I will check out the book. Love the new electric pressure cooker!


    If you need to slow the cooking down, you can put the item in, for example, a foil packet. Don’t use a plastic bag as the high temperature in the PC could do nasty things.
    Presoaking is one way to speed things up, but it is not suitable for everything.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks Greg!

    Sherry you can also study the timing charts on the website.

    stovetop & electric pressure cooker cooking time chart

    I’m making a category for “duplex” and “triplex” recipes already on the website. I’m not quite finished adding all of the recipes, but it’s a good starting point:




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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