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    I am stuck with an Instant Pot. I wanted to make my life easier by investing over $100 in an Instant Pot… read the reviews, got it after 2 months waiting. I have tried a couple of the recipes in the booklet but i need many more, doable, family friendly recipes like the ones i already make in my crock pot. I was disappointed by the lack of practical recipes for this expensive pot, and tried to returned to the manufacturer. They said i must pay the shipping and will only receive 50% of what i paid in January for the pot since it is used and they will trash it!!!! Outrageous! So I am stuck with this bulky appliance and very few good recipes. Please help me find chicken main dishes, beef stews, like the ones we all enjoy making in a crcok pot.


    Hi Cihuati
    My husband bought me a pressure cooker last year and I have never owned an appliance that enhanced my cooking so much before. I use all my old recipes slow cook, recipes from regular cookbooks, pressure cooker recipes, weight watchers recipes the lot and all I do is reduce the amount of liquid and check the pressure cooker table for the length of time to cook the main ingredient be it meat (lamb, pork, goat) or fish (mussels, fish, prawns) or vegetables. The results are unbelievable. My mussel soup takes 4 minutes. My goat curry (we had it last night) took 35 minutes under pressure. It was the best curry I have had in a long while and am happy to post recipe if you want it. Stock! Let me tell you how good stock is! I use all my left over bones from the roast chicken with herbs and veggies or chicken necks with the same and cook for 2 hours or so under pressure and it is magnificent and so cheap. I haven’t bought stock Of any sort since owning a pressure cooker.


    I love the Instant Pot! The problem is the booklet does not give many recipes.
    There are 2 cookbooks that I bought that I really like: Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook-Laura Pazzaglia and Pressure Cooker Favorites by America’s Test Kitchen. The Instant Pot is also a Slow Cooker and for that I use America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution. There are also many recipes online. I understand your frustration. Give it a try even if you get your recipes online before buying any cookbooks. It is an amazing appliance and well worth the price…pressure cooker- slow cooker and rice cooker–all in one!

    Laura Pazzaglia


    You’ve already gotten some great advice here and, of course, you’re in the right place to find out more about pressure coking. If you want to familiarize yourself with the pressure setting, and the benefits of pressure cooking I recommend going through our Beginner Basics cooking course:

    learn to pressure cook

    It’s a set of recipes that teach you all of the different ways you can use your pressure cooker – each has a lengthy introduction to describe the concept in detail.

    There’s a lot to sort through here, but you can find all of the pressure cooker recipes using the recipes menu – go straight to the index if you’re more of a visual person.

    Or, choose a category based on main ingredient, course or diet. Here’s a list of all the one pot meals, for example:

    learn to pressure cook

    And, since you wanted chicken and beef dishes, here’s a list of all the meat recipes:

    It’s tricky to start using something new, so I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it!




    I just got my Instant Pot a couple weeks ago, and I have used it almost every night. I have been pressure cooking for years using a stove-top pressure cooker, so I just make the same recipes. I use this site a lot as well as books by Lorna Sass and the Cooks Illustrated Pressure cooker cookbook. The Instant Pot is a great pressure cooker, and I am glad that I bought it. I love being able to set it up, and not have to monitor it like my stove-top PC.

    That being said, I can totally understand your frustration with it. I am a bit bothered by the manual that came with it having so little information as to how to use all the features it has. It is touted at a 7 in one cooker, but they really only explain the pressure cooker part of it. I would like more information as to how to use the slow cooker, multigrain, congee, and other features. Food is too expensive for me to waste it as I try to figure out these features. I did try asking the company for more information on these features, but they said they could only refer me to the owner’s manual which I found unhelpful. Like I said, I do love it as a pressure cooker, and I have already used it a ton, and wouldn’t want to return it. But, the main reason I decided to buy it (since I already have 2 great stove-top pressure cookers) was because it does so many different things, but, unfortunately, it seems to be up to the user to figure out those additional features since the company is not able/willing to help. I keep searching the internet hoping someone will have a helpful blog post of the features I most want to learn (multigrain, congee, and slow cooker).


    Hmm. I don’t have one of these, but I just had a look at their website. It looks one impressive machine

    From my quick look at the manual, you simply prepare your crockpot meal as normal, and put the machine into slow cooker mode. Leave the lid in venting mode. You should be able to do any sauté steps using the sauté mode first.
    This is the manual I was looking at: http://instantpot.com/wp-content/uploads/IP-DUO/InstantPot-IP-DUO-Manual-English.pdf

    There seems to be another one with a few recipes -mostly by LP- that is aimed at learning pressure cooking.

    For extra recipes, this site, DadCooksDinner (both PC and slow cooker), Lorna Sass, TheVeggieQueen, and Miss Vickie are all good web sources. Probably in that order of priority. Miss Vickie is altogether too fond of proprietary ingredients that are simply not available in my corner of the world.

    If you are looking to convert your slow cooker recipes to PC, then I situ spect that DadCooksDinner would be your best bet. I haven’t use a CP in years, but my memory is that they are a very different beast.

    EDIT: a little more browsing, and I came up with this. It may be just what you need: http://healthyslowcooking.com/2012/10/16/guest-post-by-jill-nussinow-the-veggie-and-pressure-cooker-queen/

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