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    I want to convert a traditional Jewish Bean Stew slow-cooker recipe, called Chulent or Cholent (which apparently comes from French), which cooks overnight on low heat, to a faster cook time within one evening. I don’t have time to wait or monitor the progress of the dish overnight. I am developing one-pot recipes that I can provide for my wife’s lunch at adult daycare. She has acid-reflux disorder (among other things) and won’t eat animal products unless they are soft and mixed in with mostly vegetable products and starches (like pasta or rice), so stews are ideal. I made Chicken Chow Mein for her, and that worked out quite well, but it was not a long-cooking dish to begin with. In order to develop a beef stew recipe that I could make for her, I immediately thought of Chulent (which she used to make herself, when she had her faculties), but all the traditional Chulent (or Cholent) recipes I found online required the slow-cooker, overnight method. I want to hasten this process. The recipe attached is just one of many similar recipes I could provide (they are all pretty similar), but this one is considered a good one.


    Laura Pazzaglia

    Dr. Rsoenbaum, please re-upload the recipe or copy and paste the text into the forums.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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