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    Two simple questions about cook times.
    I’ve been using the website frequently since I got my Instant Pot. Just bought your cookbook.
    Q1: Why are cooking times for the same item different on the website than in the cookbook? One example picked just because I have beets in the frig waiting to be cooked:
    Cookbook: Beets whole-Sm, Med, Lg Stovetop = 10,15,20; Electric cooker = 15,20,25 min
    Website: Beets whole Sm, Med, Lg Stovetop = 8,10,15; IP/Electric = 10,15,20
    Q2: The cookbook indicates uses terms like boil, braise, steam. These are defined in the cookbook and seem to refer to the depth of the liquid while the food is cooked. The website indicates only high or low pressure – no mention of depth for liquids to create the boil / braise / steam environment. Why? A follow-on question – I don’t ever boil some foods, example leafy greens. I steam them. If I’d rather steam them in a pressure cooker, do I just reduce the liquid (keep the minimum required!)? Or has Laura learned that cooking greens requires boiling in a pressure cooker? How can I learn this too?

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Hi Tinybeads, it’s true. The cooking charts differ in a number of ways between the book and the website. The cooking suggestions per ingredient (boil, steam, braise), for example, are a special addition that I wanted to share only in the book.

    The cooking times for certain ingredients may differ because the online chart is constantly updated. As I test, or have more experience with a certain ingredient, I will update the cooking time on the online chart. For example, the book does not have “frozen meat” cooking times – this is an addition I added online after I wrote the book. My goal with timing ingredients in the pressure cooker is to see “how low can you go” to get the best results – these might not work for everyone but it’s a starting point. ; )

    Thanks so much for supporting me by purchasing the book, and taking the time to leave a note! I hope this clears things up.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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