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    We are vegans and vegetarians in this family. Would it still be worthwhile to get it? Are there a lot of meat-based recipes/meals?


    I haven’t looked at this book for a while, so I can’t say about the ratio of veg vs. none recipes. I wonder if Laura’s agreement with her publisher Would allow her to post a table of contents on this website. Maybe Amazon posts it?

    When I started pressure cooking several years ago, I thought trying a lot of recipes would be key to learning how to do it. I looked through lots of PC cookbooks, but, probably like you, found most to be meat-based. I did try out a lot of vegetarian recipes.

    In the end, I found a few simple approaches and techniques used with old favorite recipes yielded the most success for me. Such as PCing beans and adding them instead of canned ones to soups/stews, while making the rest of the recipe traditionally on stovetop. That way you save time cooking the legumes and have a fine level of control over how cooked the veg end up.

    Laura, who writes this website excels at teaching techniques/approaches that will empower readers more than any collection of recipes will. Both online and in her book.

    Just my thoughts.


    I double checked my copy.

    HIP is a general cookbook in terms of types of meals. There are meat recipes as well as vegetarian. However, it follows the “healthy” model of bringing veggies to the fore. As Suzanne says, it concentrates on empowering you to be able to adapt your recipes to the PC.

    The Chapters are:
    The Basics
    Soups and stocks (both Veg and meat)
    Eggs (Nothing for the vegan here but quite a few for the Ovo-lacto crowd)
    Dried Beans and Legumes
    Pasta and Sauces (both meat and veg)
    Meat and Poultry
    Fish and Seafood
    One Pot meals (More an ideas chapter for combining other recipes in the book. Most have a meat component)
    Preserves and Juicing

    If you are really after Vegetarian/Vegan Pressure cooker recipes, you would probably be better served by one of Jill Nussinow’s (The Veggie Queen) offerings


    Any vegan would be well served by a copy of Lorna Sass’ Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure. I believe all the recipes in the book are actually vegan — but when it was originally published, the word “vegan” wasn’t well known enough for the publisher to put it on the cover. The recipes are excellent; I’m an omnivore and have enjoyed nearly everything I’ve made out of it.

    Laura has written about one of Lorna’s other books here.


    I too am vegan, but I have family and friends that are not, since they are kind enough to provide me with vegan foods they would not normally cook I feel like I should do likewise.
    I will cook ribs tomorrow from the Hip Pressure Cooking book for my brother.

    That said you might want to look at Vegan Under Pressure by Jill Nussinow, IMO it is a really good book.

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