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    Beth W

    I love how Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup changes in taste and consistency when I bake it, undiluted, on top of pork chops. I typically brown the chops in a cast iron pan (not always, but it’s better), cover with the undiluted soup, cover the pan and bake about an hour or so. I tried converting it to a stovetop pressure cooker recipe by adding water but not stirring it in, with the plan to add pasta after pressure cooking to absorb the excess liquid. It didn’t go well. :/

    I’ve searched the forums, and it seems cooking with the soup in the pc causes lots of problems.

    So, since you can cook sweetened condensed milk in a pc to make caramel, could I cook Cream of Mushroom Soup in the can to simulate the long-cooked flavor?

    Any ideas on how long it should cook? Would it matter if it’s a pull-top can instead of a regular can?

    TIA for any thoughts on this!


    Laura Pazzaglia

    Beth, you wouldn’t be too far off with this idea since cream of mushroom soup does contain condensed cream and Ideas in Food, have made caramelized cream in a jar under pressure…

    I would say to go for it (following all of the precautions given for the condensed milk can) and come back to report on your findings!

    Have you tried adding the chops, un-cooked pasta, liquid-to-cover (as per my pasta technique) and then the soup on top of that?




    Beth W

    Thanks for the response and the link, Laura. I had seen this, and completely forgotten it! I still want to try that.

    Do you see any problem with the fact that the lids have a pull-tab, and are not the kind that require a can opener? I’m not sure if the seam that is scored where the lid will separate is strong enough…and I know you’ve done the sweetened condensed milk in the can, so thought you might know.

    I was actually using hamburger when I experimented; a frozen 1 pound block that I covered with water per your instructions on cooking meat from frozen. Then I put the soup on top of that and did not stir it in. I think it was you who answered a question about tomato products burning in the pc, and you suggested putting it on top so figured the same would be true of the thick soup. When pressure was reached, I started timing it for 10 mins, but at 8 mins the weight stopped jiggling. I ran to the stove and flicked the weight to see if perhaps it was just off-kilter or if something had gotten into the vent tube. It jiggled once then mushroom soup began spewing from the vent tube beneath the weight! So. I’m not sure how to get around doing the soup in the pc unless it’s in the can…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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