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    Beth W

    I am used to cooking with a pressure cooker, but for normal to triple amounts of ingredients [in a larger cooker]. I would like to make a huge pot of pulled bbq beef via pressure cooking 20-24# of roast, 2″ thick (would be 6-8 roasts) in a 22 qt stovetop pressure cooker, with some onion and celery, then shredding the meat and adding bbq sauce ingredients and cooking it without the lid to reduce the liquid and cook the sauce. I’ve done the recipe with 3 roasts before but don’t recall the time I used, and there was a *ton* of excess liquid. Afraid of running out of water, I think I filled it about 1/2 way up the meat, maybe a little less.

    My questions are can this be done in this amount, how much water should I add to the 22 qt cooker, and approx how long should I cook the meat to be able to shred it?

    I have looked at your carnitas recipe, and read the timetable, but it doesn’t really answer my question for this volume of food.



    Laura Pazzaglia

    Beth, I cannot help you as my focus in testing and write recipes is for families. I know what will happen if you double, or even triple a recipe in a domestic pressure cooker but, honestly, I don’t have experience with cooking restaurant quantities using a pressure canners.

    I CAN tell you that in addition to paying attention to the reactive nature of the aluminium, you also need to be aware of the canner’s minimum liquid and venting requirements. Also, as you add more meat, more liquid will be released (about 1 extra cup of liquid for each extra pound of meat). Unfortunately, that is as much as I can contribute on this topic.

    Perhaps a reader who has had experience in cooking restaurant-quantities of food in pressure canners will be able to better advise you.




    Beth W

    Thank you, Laura. Even the quantities of water that tend to be released helps!

    This is actually for home use. I bought 3 cases of Zaycon pot roast, and have been canning it. It was getting to be overwhelming, and I love this pulled beef recipe, so decided when I was sick of canning, I’d make the rest in one fell swoop into pulled beef and freeze it. I figured my pressure canner was the perfect pot to cook it all in. It’s what I used when I did the 3 roasts…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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