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    This is a follow on from @Guy’s rambling thread.
    Conventional wisdom has it that the “correct” way to cook a steak is to heat the steak on one side for half the cooking time, then turn it for the remainder. Then let it rest for a few minutes.

    Recent testing has shown this to be untrue. A better way is to flip the steak every 15 – 30 seconds. this results in a more evenly cooked steak cooked faster.

    I have seen this repeated in a number of places, but my reference here is Myhrvold’s very worthwhile Modernist Cuisine. This is a very expensive book, but IMO well worth the asking price. I am using this book specifically as he provides the experimental evidence to back the claim. The relevant section is Vol2 pp 38-40

    If you don’t have access to the book, here is a link to a copy of the most relevant page (v2p39):
    It shows two graphs. The first shows what is happening with a single flip. The second shows the result of 15 second flips.
    The graph lines show data from temperature probes buried at different depths in the steak.

    This is a retake of the photo I took and linked to on the other thread. I had better light this morning, and as a result, the photo is clearer.

    I should mention that this is NOT my preferred method for cooking steak. It is the one I use when I only have access to a heat source and a metal plate. That could be camping, or just visiting.

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