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    Howdy (love that greeting at the top of the page). I just purchased a Crock Pot Express 6 Quart (hereafter referred to as CPE since I am too lazy to keep typing out the full name :) ) on Primeday to get my feet wet in electric pressure cooking. I did some research before purchasing but not as much as I should have apparently.
    I’ve hence discovered that the CPE runs 6.5 – 10 psi on high and 3.3 – 6.5 psi on low while the Instant Pot Duo (which seems to be the most popular IP model) runs 10.15 – 11.6 psi on high and 5.8 – 7.2 psi on low and that stove top model standard is 15 psi.
    I was wondering if anyone else has the CPE and if they have any advice they could share on converting the abundance of recipes found online for the IPD and stovetop models for the CPE. I did see the conversion charts on this site but I did not see any discussion of my specific model on any of the forums. I appreciate any help and am glad to have discovered this site. Thanks!

    Laura Pazzaglia

    CW Lady I have the Crockpot Express and I really like it. I have not measured its pressure, yet, but will come back to let you know once I have. So far, I have not noticed any of my foods under-cooked following the generic “electric pressure cooker” time from my timing table.

    I will publish more info about this soon, but their cooker has the BEST slow cooking program. I measure that, and it heats the food just like their ceramic crock (at a constant temperature to a simmer).

    I’m looking forward to hearing the experience of others who have this cooker.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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