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    What’s the difference between the Cuisinart Electric CPC-600 and the EPC-1200PC? They both look the same to me but I’m thinking there must be some differences but don’t know what they are. ??? I purchased the EPC1200PC recently but haven’t taken it out of the box for fear its a discontinued machine. Please help!

    Gayle Opie

    They are the exact same pressure cooker. The EPC-1200 model number is used when it is sold in some membership stores (Costco and maybe some others) and it may be used in some other stores as well, but that’s the only difference. I happen to have the CPC-600 but I’ve been tempted to buy another at the local Costco because it’s got a great price — it also has the EPC-1200 model number.

    So take it out of the box and start using it. It’s a great pressure cooker!


    Thanks Gayle for getting back to me so soon. Now for to get over the initial fear of the unknown. I do have a top of the stove PC which I have had for 40yrs and still beautiful as the first day I got it, except the screw which holds the lid handle is begaining to show some problems and we can’t seem to get it out to replace.

    I’m thankful for this forum to help me get over the initial fear of using an electric PC vs the stove top PC. This site will be my PC cooking college from now on. Thank you for being here…!

    Gayle Opie

    You’re welcome.

    If you’ve used to a stovetop, you shouldn’t have any trouble learning to using the Cuisinart. Just think of it as a stovetop with its own electric burner. You shouldn’t need to change any recipes. Just set the controls to either high or low pressure and the time to whatever time the recipe calls for, press start, and you should be fine. Remember that the pressure release valve (on the far side of the handle) must be down for pressure cooking and up or off for anything else. And don’t use the lid if you are using the brown, saute, or simmer settings.

    I love the simmer setting. I make a lot of soup and most times I only pressure cook some of the ingredients first and then add some after that don’t need the pressure. I put it on simmer to heat everything up after I add those extras. Keep Warm will not heat up added ingredients unless you want to wait all day. You can use brown or saute, but you might burn you food unless you stand over it the whole time and stir. But simmer is perfect — hot enough to heat in a reasonable time without burning. I found a regular lid from another pot that fits so I use that when I put it on simmer. You can use its own lid but remove the valve and just barely set the lid on (don’t turn it at all) so you don’t accidentally build pressure.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Danton – I knew you’d find your answer in the forums! Gayle is right that the difference is small and insignificant. One difference that I learned from Barbara (of Pressure Cooking Today Blog) is that one has the LED panel with the numbers in green and the other in red!

    I have both manuals in the library and you can see that each one is also slightly different superficially:

    Cuisinart cpc600 manual:

    Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Manual CPC 600 and Recipe Booklet

    Cuisinart epc1200 manual:

    Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker Manual EPC 1200 and Recipe Booklet

    The close-up of the control panel in both manuals shows them both having exactly the same functions. But it appears that the 1200 comes with a steamer tray – this might be different for each retailer and not tied to the actual model.

    I use primarily stovetop cookers but I really do enjoy setting the electric pressure cooker to do the cooking for me when I’m busy doing something else.

    Now that my oldest just started doing after-school Karate I’m finally playing with the delay and keep-warm features. Two nights a week I set-up and prep dinner just before leaving to pick-up my son for school then I set the delay function so that it finishes cooking just as we’re getting home. If I have to do an errand and we’re delayed I’m assured that the keep-warm feature will keep everything perfect!

    It does take a little getting used-to – the first few times I used the electric cooker I was standing around wringing my hands staring at the digital panel. There was really nothing for me to do so I eventually caught on to the whole “set-it-and-forget-it” mantra which is why now I feel safe setting up my InstantPot and then leaving the house!!

    Ciao and Welcome!


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