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    Hello, I’ve been experimenting with my new IP (IP duo v3, european model) for a few weeks. I’ve been increasingly suspecting that my LOW and HIGH setting for pressure cooking actually both work at HIGH pressure. That’s because the pasta timing for true al dente (as achieved with my previous pressure cooker) are completely messed up: whereas before it was, as usual, half the package time, now it’s: 0 minutes for 6 minutes(package), 1 minute for 10 minutes(package).

    So today I did these two tests (waiting for the cooker to be cool again before trying the second test): 1) 2 cups of water at LOW, takes 9 minutes to reach pressure; 2) 2 cups of water at HIGH, takes 8.30 minutes to reach pressure. I expected HIGH to take a FEW MINUTES LONGER!

    Do you think I’m right? Should I contact customer support for a refund?


    It really is faulty. I tried cooking pasta and eggs at high with the same time I use at low, and they came out exactly the same

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Gulugu, the best way to make sure is to time how long the cooker takes to come to pressure and do natural release with the same amount of water (1L). Do the test on two different days so the heating element has a chance to cool down between tests.

    High pressure should take approximately 13 minutes, and Low pressure should take about 8 (to gain pressure). Anyway, if the times are exactly the same for both on time to pressure and natural release – there’s a problem.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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