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    We want to be able to cook rice and vegetables at the same time, putting the vegetables in a steamer basket on top of the rice. Has anyone here have success in doing this? What are you using to do this? We want a steel solution, no silicone. Any suggestions would be great!

    Laura Pazzaglia

    MJ, you can put the steamer basket straight in the rice assuming the feet are tall enough- but the issue is that the vegetables will be releasing lots of liquid throwing off the ratio of the rice.

    Are you planning to serve them together, anyway? Just cook the vegetables directly in the rice – following the same trick that I do with the risotto recipe on this website: put the veggies in the measuring cup to displace the water they will contribute (I explain it better in the risotto primer).




    Where can I find a steamer with extra long legs? Is there one you recommend?


    The Instant Pot trivet has handles that can double as legs turned upside down. I am sure there are others. (it is the trivet or thing you are putting the basket on that needs legs)

    Or I would put veg in a lightweight bowl/pan/parchment paper perhaps.

    Then again I would probably just plunk veg on top of rice and hope for the best :) Depending on veg and your preference they may be overcooked or in rare cases not cooked enough. Will still be edible and taste good I am sure.


    You could also elevate your steamer on a wire trivet like this:


    I have this trivet. It raises your steamer basket 2 inches up from the bottom of the pan. The legs of my stainless steel petal steamers always start falling off after 3 or 4 years. Now instead of replacing the steamer, I just put it on top of this trivet.

    Amazon used to sell them, maybe still does. I obtained mine by doing a special order through my local high-end cook store which stocks WMF equipment. So in the next WMF shipment they got, my trivet came with it at about $7 cost to me. Not fast, but cheap.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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