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    Sweet Sandals

    My friend and neighbor of many years recently passed away and his son asked me to take the things he didn’t want and find good homes for them. R had gotten a set of very inexpensive nonstick pots and pans that were never used. I gave away the skillets to another neighbor, and threw away the handles of the saucepans, keeping those 3 now nested pans just to use in my Instant Pot! I cook rice in the largest, chicken breasts in the medium, and veggies in the smallest – one at a time, of course. It is handy and fast to use the IP in this manner; no big pot to wash! I had been looking for just a single pot to use as an inner pot, and was just about to buy a stainless steel dog dish when I inherited these three, so they cost me nothing! After his wife died, I cooked many meals for R, and I smile every time I use these pots, thinking he’d be very happy that they came to me.


    How nice and a nice memory

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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