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    I found a new pressure cooker that I had stored and not used for at about 12 years Farberware Model#58040
    I went to use it the other night, and It had a hard time with holding pressure. I think the gaskets are old from age and need replacing (manual says replace every 6-12 months regardless of use). I called Farberware and they said to call Fagor. Fagor never returned my call and I did no see any parts on the site for this style. Does anyone know a place to get the gaskets…or is it time to junk a new/old pot and just buy a new one?


    Photo of cooker

    Laura Pazzaglia

    That’s an odd suggestion from Faberware to call Fagor – they are completely different companies. I guess they think that Fagor’s gasket will work in this pressure cooker – but Fagor will not be able to advise you on someone elses’s pressure cooker.

    I recommend calling Faberware back, and asking them exactly what model and size gasket from Fagor they recommend using with their pressure cooker.

    Please come back to let us know what they said!

    It’s a lovely well-accessorized cooker, BTW!!!




    I have this same cooker but no manual. Do you still have yours!?! I know it’s been a few years since this post originated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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