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    What’s with the finicky lid of the FSP? Sometime is will get to pressure and sometimes it won’t. Breville support sent me a new cooker and I still get the same error (sometimes),. I don’t understand what I could be doing wrong.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    It’s the little pressure signal that can’t go up through the hole of the “arm” on the lid that is making it so finicky. When you close the lid, make sure you can look straight down the hole and you see a circle, instead of an ellipse.

    I agree. It’s super-annoying that they couldn’t find a way to either line that up automatically, or put the darn pressure signal in some other location on the lid so it wouldn’t be an issue at all!



    Linda M.

    I also had an instance in which my Breville Fast/Slow pro would not come up to pressure. I ended up taking the lid off, removing the gasket, wiping it off, and replacing it. It came up to pressure when I tried again.


    I think I have the same problem:
    After around 15 mins, a lot of steam was escaping from the pin valve.
    Then it started pinging and an error message appeared on the screen, I think it said “Lid not sealed”
    I wiggled the lid and tried gain. Same thing.
    I then removed the lid and tried again, same thing.
    I tried 5 times before giving up.
    I tested later with some water and all was fine. I used again that day, all ok.
    Last night, I went t cook again and had the same issue, I wiggled the lid, the pin valve popped up and I heard the system seal (pressurise) and my food cooked fine.
    Very frustrated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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