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    I ordered a Fissler Vita-quick 8.5 qt pressure cooker on March 04 2015. First I was told to avoid any non-authorized sellers of this product so after searching for an authorized retailer, I placed my order. I was told the units were on backorder until the middle of April. After April 15th came and passed, I called again and was told the unit was on backorder now until the end of May. Here I am now, the middle of June and still no pressure cooker! After calling the retailer, I found that the units are now backordered until at least July!!! I am quite upset with Fissler’s seeming lack of concern about making customers twist in the wind like this. I was really looking forward to receiving my new Fissler cooker, now I wouldn’t buy anything from Fissler. Now I have to start the entire process over and try and get a pressure cooker. Hello Kuhn-Rikon???

    Laura Pazzaglia

    jcn, you are a patient man!

    If you’re still sweet on the Fissler, they’ve got a model with Williams-Sonoma and it looks like it’s in stock:
    (non-affiliate link, I just want to ensure you get what you want)

    Equivalent pressure cookers are WMF and Kuhn Rikon. Take a look at each review to see which is right for you. The WMF is easier to use but reaches a slightly lower pressure (I rarely adjust for it), while the Kuhn Rikon is more minimalist and powerful but finicky with temperature adjustments. Have fun looking at the reviews if you haven’t already!

    pressure cooker reviews & previews




    Thanks for the reply. I am kind of leaning toward the Kuhn-Rikon as it seems the be the pressure cooker of choice by Food Network chefs. Not sure if that really means anything but I do not like to compromise on quality.


    That’s really a shame about your experience with Fissler, jcn4096. I bought the 10-quart Fissler from Richmond Hill Home Center via Amazon in October 2015. It is one of my most expensive pressure cookers to date. I was impressed by the reviews I had read and the valid points people had made in their reviews — not just “Oh, it is so pretty!” and useless things like that.
    I use my big Fissler all the time. I made chili in it yesterday, for example, including the pinto beans from scratch. It gets used a lot. And I must say, it does perform well. The thick-bottomed pressure cookers and pots in general, can get pretty hot and scorch the food. As soon as the Fissler gets up to temp, I have found it is important to lower the heat as far as possible while maintaining pressure. If I remember to do that, the food does not scorch and I remain pleased. If I forget, however, I can have some black bits floating around in my food and this displeases me!
    I thought I would mention that I have the 8-quart Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker. It too is a very expensive pot. But it works much the same as the big Fissler. I liked it because it had a large volume and short handles. What I didn’t realize when I bought it was the footprint is smaller than most of my other large pressure cookers. That is, the base is small in diameter and to accommodate 8 quarts of volume, the pot is taller than I expected. Don’t get me wrong. It is a great pressure cooker. But I find myself reaching for an alternative most of the time and that’s pretty tragic considering the Kuhn-Rikon is a very well-made pot and easy to use.
    To be perfectly honest, I like the 4-quart Fagor pressure about the most — or, at least, it’s the one I reach for most often. If I have to bang out some rice or a small meal for my wife and me, that little 4-quart does the job very nicely. The volume is so much less so the heat up time is greatly reduced. Fagor makes really good pressure cookers that do the job consistently and easily. I have outfitted all of my kids with Fagor pressure cookers too. They are a very good quality pot and easy to maintain.
    Anyway, this topic should be about the Fissler and I only wish you had been able to get one. Once it was in your hands, I’m sure you would have been very pleased.

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