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    This morning I was making broth in my Instantpot, and even though I did not fill water past the max line there was liquid seeping out. Then my granite counter top cracked. I’m really not happy about it. I thought it would be good to advise other users to be aware of this potential damage costly repairs. I’ve written the company and waiting to hear back. I never dreamed my counter top would be at risk. I mean, where else will I set it? Has anyone else had this happen?


    Heat can’t crack granite. It’s a myth!

    This guy heats-up granite in a toaster oven, spills cold water on it, heats again with a blowtorch.

    No cracks.


    I have two Instant Pots and use both of them on my granite countertops. I’ve never had any issues. I also take blazing hot pans out of my oven and set them directly on the granite, with no protection ever, and have done so for many years with never an issue. Sorry to hear about your experience. :(


    There are a lot of materials that Kitchen renovators sell as “granite” Most of them aren’t. Even in that video above, at least one of the samples above was not granite. If it was natural the dark one could have been gabbro. The lighter one looked to be banded. In which case it wasn’t granite either. It may have been gneiss or schist. Again this assumes the “rock” was natural and not a synthetic composite. The synthetics tend to be rock crumbs embedded in a resin matrix. This will behave quite differently to natural rock.
    Before the advent of modern cutting tools, heat was used to split rocks but that used to use fairly extreme heat and cold in conjunction.

    That said, I find it unlikely that an electric PC sitting on a bench top would crack it even if it was dripping hot water. Though there may have been a pre-existing flaw that was made catastrophically worse by the relatively mild heat.

    Laura Pazzaglia


    I personally keep my Instant Pot on a standard Laminate countertop and despite splishes and splashes for the last few years nothing has ever happened to it – not even stains or discoloration (from the Instant Pot, anyway). Tomatoes and my mother-in-law are another story – but it’s my fault for choosing white. : )

    I’m surprised this happened – I thought that granite was more durable.




    This happened to me last night. I dont appreciate all of these snarky replies, it does happen, did happen, and now I have a quite costly repair to address.
    Jolaine, did you hear back from Instant Pot and what did they say?

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Kelly, I’m sorry to hear this happened – I re-read the topic and I found it informational, not snarky.

    Can you share with us the Instant Pot model you have, and also take a look underneath to see if the plastic grid on the base has melted at all?

    Please come back to post some pictures. If this is a problem, I want to inform my readers about it!



    P.S. Meanwhile, place your IP on a large wooden cutting board. Just in case.


    Yes, please check this out. I have had new kitchen counters with “fake” granite tops for about two years now. The installer warned about possible heat cracking the countertops. I use the Instant Pots (2) at least once a week. I didn’t think the bottom of the pots, or any spilled liquid, could be hot enough to cause a problem. Maybe I’ve been lucky. I will start putting a non-heat conducting cutting board under the pots. Thanks to posters for this warning.


    I keep my IP on the stove while I’m using it. No problems so far. Best of luck with your situation.


    The granite squares would properly crack if he put them from the toaster oven right in the kitchen sink and then turn on the cold water full blast.


    Me too. How did this turn out? My Instant pot cracked my 2yo Quartz countertop last night. It also isn’t working now. I was cooking beans as always and heard 2 loud pops. When I looked closely there is now a 10in crack that wasn’t there before. Right under the IP. And liquid leaking from the bottom of the IP.

    For all of those replies that it can’t happen or it hasn’t happened to them…your comments are not helpful.


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