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    What is the best way to cook 1/2 a cup of brown rice in the pressure cooker?

    Based on the ratios I would add .625 cups of water with the 0.5 cup brown rice, but that is way below my Breville’s suggested 1 qt combined food/water minimum and even low for Hip’s min suggestion. I can’t add more water unless I add more rice or the ratios will be off.

    Would either of these be suggested:

    1. Put a rack above the rice with a bulky bowl or container to take up space in the pot so it can reach pressure with less water by reducing the overall air volume. (assume a lid on a container wouldn’t seal well enough to count the outer surface volume as hi pressure steam would get in)

    2. Put the min volume of water in the bottom of the pot, then place container on rack above min volume of water, and put 0.5 rice and 0.625 cup water in that pot. Would I put a lid on that pot or not?

    Thanks for all the great resources on here!


    I have the Breville FSPro too – though I no longer use it. I have gone back to stovetops exclusively.

    IIRC, in the manual that comes with the PC, it has an entry in the table for rice that explicitly breaks the 1l minimum for a small quantity of rice.

    But if you want to be safe, your second method will work. Probably no need for a lid – it will only slow down the cooking. I would be wary of your first method.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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