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    Hi all,
    Hope someone can give me some idea how to fry an egg on a stainless steel frying pan without it stiking to the pan? Have tried to coat with butter, oil, lard with no success! It is a expensive German frying pan my husband gave me as a present, I can cook other things like veggies and they don’t stick but eggs, bacon e sausage it is a nightmere.
    Thanks for any ideas,



    I don’t fry eggs in a stainless pan. I use carbon steel for that. But I do scramble eggs in a stainless lined pot. What I do to avoid sticking is preheat the pot, then add ghee (clarified butter) and heat it to smoking point. Then I let it cool down and proceed normally. No problems with stuck on egg. What I think is happening is the tiny fissures in the metal are being completely sealed by the ghee, effectively making a non stick surface.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    I don’t know if there is a way to do what you ask- most chefs keep a non-stick around for frying eggs and omelets. I use a ceramic frypan that has had a drop of olive oil dropped on and spread around with a paper towel. But I’ve also heard of very seasoned cast-iron pans doing a fantastic job with eggs.

    I’m looking forward to read what other cooks have tried!




    I’ll vouch for the seasoned iron being fantastic for eggs. I use a debuyer mineralB for omelettes. This is pure iron, but spun rather than cast. But otherwise effectively the same as a cast iron pan. No sticking whatsoever. Ever. And I make two omelettes nearly every day. There is a video floating around on this forum that I made for @gteague that shows me making one. That particular pan is reserved specifically for omelettes and NEVER gets washed. Simply wiped out after each omelette.

    I fry eggs in a carbon steel pan from the same company. Usually with a couple of rashers of bacon. That pan gets more abuse but no sticking there either. Unless the previous cook destroyed the seasoning.

    Actually I suspect you could season stainless the same way as cast iron. Never tried it, and it won’t look so pretty, but I cannot think why it would not work. It is effectively what I do with my scrambled egg pot, though that gets washed thoroughly every time as it is also used for lots of other things.

    I stopped using non-stick after doing some research on the health effects of the coatings a year or so back.

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