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    I cannot get my Kuhn Rikon to work. I cannot get it to pressurize. First I tried steel cut oats. No dice, never got a good seal, I had to cook it down normally. Second attempt, lentils. No dice. I cleaned out the valves. I check the blue safety valve on the side of the lid both protruding into the blue ring and with the ring shoved under it. Nothing works. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any advice. I love this site and want to try the cool recipes and bought the pressure cooker recommended because of this great site.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    For the first few tries, to limit frustration, I recommend only pressure cooking water. This is the best way to remove any touchy ingredients or badly written recipes from the equation.

    Particularly for the Kuhn Rikon, which likely traveled a long way on a container ship to get to the US, and then a truck or two to get to the store, not to mention the handling to arrive to your house, I would check that all of the parts of the valve are mounted properly and firmly. The little plastic nub that screws at the top of the pressure signal may have gotten loose during transport and need a firm tightening.

    Next, I would ensure that the gasket is correctly placed into the rim of the lid. It should go over the blue nub coming out from under the handle and slightly bend around it. The gasket should feel soft, and supple, and it’s OK if it doesn’t fit tightly into the lid.

    Finally, make sure that you’re bringing the cooker to pressure on the highest heat setting of your gas or electric cook-top on a burner that is not wider than the base of the cooker (or medium setting on induction).

    Ok, try all of these things and pressure cook some water and come back to let me know what the pressure cooker did.




    I have 2 Kuhn Rikon braisers, and the 2.5 qt always needs the little red screw inside the lid tightened. If I forget to check it it invariably gives me problems. I also have the 5 qt braiser. I love these PCs!


    I have two Kuhn Rikon cookers, including the oldie that they gave me to demonstrate in Williams-Sonoma. Have you tried putting a bit of cooking oil onto the gasket? Put a little oil on your fingers and rub it gently onto the gasket before placing the gasket into the lid.

    Run your finger around the placed gasket to ensure that it is evenly inserted all around the lid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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