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    WMF are useless (IMHO) at describing the feature differences between their pressure cookers and why one should choose one model over the other.

    Being of little brain, I could not understand why I should purchase the Perfect Plus over the Perfect and pay more money for the privilege. Holding my breath, I ordered the Perfect from Amazon.de (I live in the UK).

    The Perfect is very well named. It has the same two line indicator showing low or high pressure, it has what appears to be the same mechanism within the handle for locking and releasing steam, it sounds the WMF horn noise when over pressure, and it is made from the same stainless steel.

    The only difference that I can see (and please bear in mind my little brain comment above) is the shape of the handle.

    The Perfect is a delight to use. It is quiet (virtually silent), takes very little to keep it maintaining pressure, with very even heat distribution to make frying of meat/onions etc a piece of cake.

    I am very pleased I saved myself the money by opting for the Perfect, and would love one day to understand the difference between this and the Plus model.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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