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    I just joined the forum, so ‘Hi’ and thanks for all the really great information here.

    I fall into the category of ‘competent home cook with too little time’

    I did massive amounts of research before buying my PC, but sadly none of those at the top of my list were available in the UK :( (ie Fagor and the Instant Pot Ultra/Smart).

    So, I had to stump up a bit more cash and go for the Sage (Breville) Fast Slow Pro.
    I got it from ‘Lakeland’ who give a 3 year warranty as standard, so I reckon it is probably money well spent.

    Very impressed so far – two meals, one from its own cookbook, the other a soup ‘made up as I went along’ – both were excellent.

    Thanks again for the information on this forum and website – genuinely the best resource on the internet.


    Welcome 4Eyes,

    I think you will be happy with the Sage. Mine was great until it stopped working properly, but a three year warranty would have sorted that out nicely. I only got one year. It just struggles to maintain pressure – leaks around the swivel point on the lid, but with it out of warranty, it was easier and cheaper to go back to my Kuhn Rikons than get it fixed or replaced.

    There are some great recipes out there. Most of them are on this site. (Some brilliant exceptions) Just don’t explore too fast. Pressure cooking is VERY different to other modes of cooking and takes some time to get used to.

    Another gadget that is surprisingly useful in a time poor kitchen is a Sous Vide machine. It is the ultimate slow cooker. I regularly do a lot of prep on the weekend, freeze it and drop it, still frozen, in the waterbath in the morning to be ready that night. Or sometimes the next one.


    Thanks Greg

    I have been thinking about sous vide for a while, might make the jump once we have finished with our imminent house move.

    I am looking forward to the ‘learning’ bit – I am a computer programmer, so everything I do has to be (over)analysed and understood in a geek-like obsessive manner :) – drives my partner mad – I even use a spreadsheet to plan the cooking of Christmas Dinner.

    I am starting with testing all the presets (at least those that cover meals we would normally eat). Fortunately, the Sage manual lists all the presets along with their pressure, cook times, and release, so that gives some real data to apply to other recipes etc.

    I don’t plan on straying outside the presets till I have a good few meals (literally) under my belt :)

    Laura Pazzaglia

    4Eyes, Welcome! If you like analyzing everything in painstaking detail – watch my pressure cooking school video series. I even use the Breville/Sage in it! ; )

    Welcome to Pressure Cooking School!




    As a fellow computer programmer with similar geek-like obsessive approaches to cooking, I highly recommend sous vide, 4Eyes. I had my Fagor stovetop pressure cooker long before they became popular because I had always loved the precision available.

    Now, that pot holds my Anova sous vide machine almost as often as it’s used for pressure cooking. Our favorite comfort meal is chicken breast done sous vide with pressure-cooked risotto. Heaven (and EASY)!


    Danielle Danielle,
    You really need to get that Sous Vide device out of your pressure cooker. Mine started that way too, but it has migrated to a custom modified beer cooler. Not only does it free up my pressure cooker for the risotto, it also reduces my power bills too as the insulation makes a noticeable difference to electricity consumption of my Anova (One) on those long cooks.


    Sous Vide is definitely next on my list.

    … and the pressure cooker school is clearly a must.

    At the moment I am just using my PC for ‘throw stuff in an press button’ cooking – house move has been delayed by a week and all our important stuff is in storage.

    Still eating well though :)

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