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    So I was cooking up a batch of chili last night and went to check on it after the “chili cycle” should have been over (about 45 minutes) and the display on my IP said “Burn”.

    I initially freaked out at a whole pot full of burned chili so I opened the lid and gave it a stir and there wasn’t a burnt bit in it. I cooked it an additional 8 minutes as I wasn’t sure when it turned to “burn” mode just to make sure it was piping hot.

    So the question is, why did it display burn on the display?

    Laura Pazzaglia


    Instant Pot’s sensors keep track of the temperature during the cooking time – if the temperature begins to rise quickly it means the food is “stuck” to the base and will eventually burn.

    This can happen if there is not enough liquid, or if thickeners were added at start of the recipe. Even if you didn’t explicitly thicken the chili keep in mind that jarred sauces, flavor packets, and condensed soups contain them as well. Sticking can also happen if you pureed some of the beans before starting (they would serve as thickeners as well).

    It looks like you caught it in time! Just be aware of the things I mentioned above for next time.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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