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    I am spanking new to pressure cooking. Received an Instant Pot yesterday and today I am reading manual and doing the “Initial Test Run” on pg 17 of the manual. I have run the test 4x without success. The Float Valve will not pop up to seal the cooker so that the working pressure will be reached and the countdown timer will begin. I can hear water boiling, no steam. I can’t imagine boiling water takes more than 15 minutes? I have made sure the Float Valve is seated properly, I added more water, made sure the Float valve is not obstructed by the lid locking pin and I’ve closed the lid completely. Any other suggestions before I return the pot? Disappointed as I am set to go. thank you!


    You don’t mention the gasket. This is a “rubber” (probably actually silicon) ring that runs around the inside of the lid. I think instant pot refer to it as the sealing ring. This must be undamaged and properly in place or you won’t be able to hold pressure. Also make sure the sealed position. If this is in the release position, or worse missing, again you won’t be able to reach pressure

    Does the water get hot? You say you hear it boiling but the noise may be something else.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Judith, sometimes, the extra valve protection (the little oval/rectangular-shaped basket under the lid) will catch the little silicone ring flaps of the pressure signal. Yank this little basket off the bottom of the lid and run test without it. If it works, just make sure the basket is placed-on in such a way as it does not interfere with the pressure signal.

    Also, a small batch of DUO’s were produced with a small offset in the lid that prevents the pressure signal from going up smoothly. Look at the top of the lid and look for the inset little silver circle (that is the pressure signal). If you look down, inside the hole there should be a metal surround. Is the outer metal circle aligned with the black plastic hole in the lid? If not, Instant Pot just needs to send you a new lid.

    I received one of these lids managed to get the signal to come up with some shaking and jostling of the pressure cooker – but it is not and ideal starting point for a beginner and it can be quite annoying if you’re expecting to “set it and forget it”!!

    Also, as Greg mentioned, please make sure the valve is in the “sealed” position and run then test with two cups of water only. Most of us have winter-cold water coming out of our taps right now so it will take a bit longer for it to heat up!




    Thank you Greg & Laura,

    After sleeping on the problem, next morning I got up checked the sealing ring and then the extra valve protection (which I had not noticed) under the basket. I took that little thingy off under the basket, reattached it, put basket back on and ran the test again with test success. Thank you for prompt help! Much appreciated.

    bon appétit!

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