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    Sauté function on my IP Ultra shuts off before it reads HOT. I have re-read the instructions and gone through the steps a couple of times. What could be going wrong?

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Check that the plug is securely attached to the pressure cooker and to the outlet – because, yes, there is something wrong.

    The cooker should not randomly turn off without giving you an error code of some kind.




    i returned two different ULTRAS because of problems with BURN messages, and the pot not coming to pressure. that said, i believe my problem was due to the additional “safety” feature new to the ultra’s heating element. the ultra was a little too persnickety for my liking and i could no longer deal with this model. note, i had each for no more than 2.5 weeks. i finally sent the second ultra back and picked up a DUO instead. i have had no issues with this model at all; not one burn message or any other issues. i really think the ULTRA is much too sensitive to be reliable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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