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    In my older rice cooker, “a cup” was really 6 oz. Is the same true with pressure cookers (the Instant Pot, in particular), or is a cup 8 oz? In most recipes, is a cup the standard 8 oz unless otherwise stated? Thinking I can save myself some failed attempts right off the bat if I get this straight. Thanks, oh wise ones!


    This is why I prefer to live in the metric system. A cup is 250 ml.

    The “cup” that came with my old rice cooker was 150ml. And so was not a cup for general measuring purposes. Though I did use it for measuring my rice as it was calibrated to the markings for water level down the side of the pot. Incidentally these were not cups either, but the “2” mark was the correct level to bring the water to if I used two of the “cups” of rice. They included the correct volume of water as well as the rice in the pot.

    As for the instant pot… You would have to measure the one that came with it, IF one does. I don’t have an IP. My Electric is a Breville and it didn’t come with a cup. I do know the minimum liquid requirement for the IP is 375ml. So 1.5 (250ml) cups

    As for recipes, most use standard cups, but you will need to check the source for the standard they refer back to. I know Laura uses American standard cups when it matters… BUT

    Many recipes rely on ratios. Not absolute measurements. So if your recipe measures everything in cups, any old container will do. Just use the same one for all the measurements.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Yes the “cups” used for the recipes on this website and my cookbooks correspond to a U.S 8oz (approx 250ml) cup.

    As Greg noted, when just a ratio is needed (such as the ones noted in the oatmeal and rice cooking time charts) it doesn’t matter what container you use as long as you use the same one to measure the grain and liquid.




    I was wondering the same thing because I’m in the same situation as RhondaLu. I’m new to pressure cooking, my specialty is baked goods. Thanks for explaining how you do it.


    Thanks for the information!

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