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    I am new to PC-ing and my primary motivation is to use one to cook bone broth to drink daily as a health tonic. I will also use it for meat stews, chilli and cooking beans. I have childhood memories of a steamy kitchen as my mother had an aluminium prestige hi-dome PC. The ones with the valve weights.

    The 6 litre hi-dome can be bought in the UK for about fifty UK pounds. The Kuhn Rikon (KR) is about four times the price! :O I am drawn to the KR as it is stainless steel and appears to be very durable. I am concerned about the aluminium of the prestige leaching into my food. They say that if acidic foods are cooked then this can happen. I read on this forum that the valve housing cap can break on the KR and these are about 15 pounds to replace. This is putting me off along with the high price.

    Is the KR worth it? What are the advantages apart from it being stainless steel? Please help me to decide. Thanks very much



    No experience with the Prestige, but I LOVE my Kuhn Rikons. I do remember my mother’s Namco though which was built along the same lines.

    I stopped using aluminium in cookware many years ago. I became aware of a metallic taint in my food which I disliked. Then there was the Alzheimers scare (later debunked). I switched to stainless, and have never looked back.

    Kuhn Rikon have five different safety interlocks. These guys are NEVER going to explode with normal use.
    Kuhn Rikons are quiet.
    They release minimal steam, and as a result are more efficient (less fuel and less liquid) to run than most other pressure cookers.

    Because they are so efficient they take a little getting used to. To maintain pressure the burner needs to be barely on.

    What breaks on the valve COVER are the plastic clips holding it in place. Sadly you have to replace the entire cover. Later models have modified the design, but IMO it is still a problem. The main issue though is cosmetic. Losing the cover spoils the look of the pot. They do deflect the steam coming out of the valve. With the cover on, I will happily release pressure with just my finger. If the valve cover is missing, I will use a long handled wooden spoon or similar. Yes I have bought replacement covers, and yes they are expensive. Especially as I live in Australia and have to import them from Europe. But these days when the clips break (one of my three) I just sit the cover on the lid. It works fine.I just cannot turn the lid upside down without the cover falling off.

    There is a comparison out there somewhere that compares stock (bone broth) made in a KR against one made in a weight controlled PC. The KR won hands down. This appears to be because a lot of the aromatics (flavour) are lost along with the steam.

    Personally, if my any of my KRs ever break, I will not hesitate to replace them with another KR. I will probably get a different model though.

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