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    I just bought an Instant Pot Ultra 80 and it came with a small cookbook:
    “Instant Pot Recipe Booklet”, 4th Edition.
    I noticed the ingredients are given in both non-metric and Metric measurements — this is a good idea.
    Usually, the non-metric measurement is given first — but not always.
    I find it very disappointing the authors cannot be consistent in the approach to this issue.
    The one author (Laura Pazzaglia) seems to have a hard time being consistent with this issue.
    Occasionally, the metric measurement is given first followed by the non-metric measurement.
    This does not appear to me to be a difficult problem to solve when producing written materials.
    The technique of ‘proof reading’ is often employed.
    I would be reluctant to purchase any cookbooks or similar materials authored by Laura Pazzaglia for this reason.


    rayleiter, as a former writer, publisher and copy editor of technical manuals, I can tell you that when a publisher pulls together contributions from different authors for a book, it is the copyeditor’s job to systematize the various parts into a consistent format. It is not the job of the contributors, who are content specialists, not copy editors. Confusing the two is a bit like faulting your lawyer for not diagnosing your appendicitus.

    Your distress on copyediting would more effectively be directed at Double Insight, Inc., the company that makes Instant Pots and produces manuals for them. The publishers and copyeditors for Laura’s books are different people entirely, and the quality of their work on her books would be an entirely separate matter as well.

    Really, rayleiter, it’s the holidays: Presents. Lights. Togetherness. Let’s be grateful for Laura’s helpful Website and not risk finding coal in our socks.


    Another point to note is that for Laura’s “proper” PC cook book, Hip Pressure Cooking, she has created a list of Errata that she has published on this web site. Not sure of the link to it right now. But if you do a search I am sure it will pop up.

    ALL books have errors. Most get picked up in the Proof Reading phase. but nearly always, a few get through. Even Nathan Myrhvold’s ridiculously expensive boat anchor has errors (and an online errata). Booklets used as an accessory to a sold appliance have, in my experience, a lower level of proof reading. One PC book not Laura or IP) I read had Low pressure and High pressure reversed in almost every recipe. I threw that one in the bin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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