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    Hello I have an Instant Pot L60

    I have very much enjoyed making a couple of recipes today from the enclosed recipe book that comes with the instant pot.
    However, I am very stuck on something:
    When a recipe tells you to close the lid and press the Manual button and then choose a specific timing, The recipe then tells you to release the pressure when the cooking time has finished by doing quick release. But, what I am very confused about, is that when I press the Manual button and choose the time, the Cooker does not come up to Pressure, so there is no pressure to release. Indeed, when I open the vent, no steam came out of it. So am I doing something wrong? Or, when you press ‘manual’, is it not supposed to come to Pressure? Or should I be pressing another button as well? I am particularly thinking of the coconut fish curry recipe on p 18 of the recipe book.
    Thanks a lot.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Hi Mandi,

    I think what will help you is looking at this chart to show the steps the pressure cooker has to go through to reach pressure:

    The Pressure Cooker Trouble-shooter

    After you put in the time, or choose the cooking program, the cooker will need to reach pressure (bring the contents to a boil and then build pressure with the remaining steam) before it can start “pressure” cooking. : )



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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