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    Are the Maximum Cooking Temperatures for the Duo and Duo Plus available on this site or elsewhere?

    The reviews section only has data for the following 3 models:
    – LUX: 105.6°C (222°F)
    – SMART: 114°C (237.2°F)
    – ULTRA: 116.7°C (11.2 psi)

    Since the Duo is such an old model, I’m worried it might be as low as the LUX, which is basically not a pressure cooker. And I wonder how the Duo Plus compares to that.


    I found this book, Multicooker Perfection. It’s by America’s Test Kitchen so it should be reliable.

    It says the Duo cooks at 246.5 °F. That’s considerably higher than what Instant Pot themselves claim, and higher than the other Instant Pots that have been tested in this site. That’s stove top territory, and even then, many can’t keep the temp that high.

    I haven’t checked their methodology, but these numbers sound too good to be true.


    Well, I bought the Duo, so I join the ranks of fellow Instant Potters.


    Jorge, seems to me that Laura posted a graph illustrating the heating pattern of Instant Pots, the Duo, I think, a few years ago. I can’t find it now. But if memory serves, it showed the pot initially heating up to approximately 14 psi, and then reducing pressure to around 11 psi where it spends the majority of the cook time. So, no, it does not cook at the same pressure level as the better stovetop cookers. But the lower pressure requires only a slight adjustment in cook time if any.

    Enjoy your new cooker.

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