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    I just loved the sorghotto recipe you posted, and wouldn’t you know it, you used a device. I hadn’t seen before, the Mealthy electric pressure cooker. It really reminded me of the Instant Pot, so I went on a search online. What I found was the website, went looking for the pressure cooker, and found something that could have been the IP Smart, Bluetooth and all? What’s the tea, Laura??

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Well, to be honest, lots of electric cookers look similar so it wouldn’t be a bad business decision for “someone” to be inspired by the top-selling cooker.

    However. Instant Pot and Mealthy are two completely different companies and use different factories and the components under the hood are different as well – but I do consult for both brands. One is better at listening to and following my suggestions than the other, which is why the Mealthy Multipot comes standard with a steamer basket, and taller trivet. ; )

    I suspect you’ll be hearing and seeing more from Mealthy in the near future.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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