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    Hello all, just wanted to stop in and say hi I am new to this whole pressure cooking thing. How have I missed it all these years, why don’t I already know about pressure cooking?
    I do remember my mother using a pressure cooker sparingly when I was a wee little barn and thats it haven’t seen or thought about it since.
    So a couple of weeks ago I bought a cookbook “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen” by Higle Richa and one of the things she mentions is the fact that everyone in India uses a pressure cooker. Humm that started me to thinking cause 1.34 billion people can’t be all wrong about something so basic, right?
    I found your website and others, read everything I could find and decided I had to give this a go.
    Maybe I’ll like it maybe I want, but I decided to buy a cheap quality cooker and find out. Ultimately decided on a 3 quart Hawkins Contura for $39.
    I’m impressed, had it for 4 days and so far I have cooked brown rice, adzuki beans, lentils, and Coconut Cauliflower Mash (Vegan Under Pressure).
    Also made some beef tips for my brother because he is not to sure about the whole vegan thing.
    Now I’m gonna need a bigger cooker (5 or 6 quarts) and electric cooker….

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Welcome Tommy!

    You’ll find that, initially, the biggest problem you’ll face with the pressure cooker is the ease at cooking so MUCH great food. Glad to read you are sharing the success with your brother and are already planning to up-grade!

    You’re off to a good start. You’ll find as you move almst ALL of your cooking to the pressure cooker that you might need at least one more. ; )

    Sorry, not helping!!!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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