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    contrary Mary

    I inherited an older style pressure cooker. Innova Leyse model 31102. I have come up empty handed in my search for this specific manual. I can’t even get a yellow pages listing for the company in Ohio. Until I lay eyes on instructions, I am afraid to even try the potato beginner recipe. Any one with this manual would be a godsend. Otherwise I will have to purchase a new model.
    I welcome all comments and advice.


    I believe Fagor makes Innova/Innovain so might be best to ask them.

    I got great service from Glorimar Pellot<[email protected]>;

    Perhaps try hot water test with the PC on the porch with an extension cord. Make sure the lid is locked.

    I cannot see Fagor making an unsafe pressure cooker and I am sure they would inform you if they did.

    Might be better to buy a new one though. I love my Electric Instant Pot and Fagor stovetop.



    Oops I think it is not made by fagor although they have a model on their website.
    Could try them anyway.


    My internet search came up with a UL warning from 2007 advising owners to stop using an electric model by Innova 11302 immediately. That one was the Innova Ultrex II, Here’s the link: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/ul-warns-of-potentially-hazardous-pressure-cookers-715646.htm.

    The company, Innova, seems to have gone out of business in 2007. Given all the affordable options of new PC equipment available, I would treat myself to a new model that you know is supported.

    I have an Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 and it is the busiest tool in my kitchen. Rec’d for Christmas 2014 and have used it daily.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Hi Mary, is this what your pressure cooker looks like?

    If so, I would be weary of using it, seeing how it’s a stovetop pressure cooker with an attached heating element AND their subsequent stovetop models (with similar-looking controls and locking mechanisms) were recalled.

    So that no one else picks it up at a second-hand store, I would destroy it and put the metal/plastic parts in the recycling bin.





    Gee, I have a Presto electric PC that heats similarly. I love it. It is a beautiful 6 qt., bell shaped pot. It does have a rubber fuse thingy to be changed each time you change the gasket. Maybe that is a safer mechanism, as I do not see one on the Innova.

    That being said. I also have the 6 qt. and 8 qt., stove top Innova pressure cookers, with lids, that look exactly like the one in the picture. I have used them for years and use them often, especially the 8 qt. for making broth to can. (in a regular canner, of course) I will be very sad, when the gaskets go, as I can no longer get replacements.

    Many times I think the problems occur due to people not following instructions. The Presto, similar to the one in the picture, has precise instructions. If not followed, seem like a problem could occur, as with other PC’s. It works just a little differently than the standard stove top or electric cooker.

    The nice thing about the Presto electric is for use when camping. It is more like a multicooker. It seems sturdier for transporting than a digital, but I don’t need to take a camp stove to use it, when we camp with electric.

    Even though there is no “fuse” on the Innovas, they do allow for pressure to be released around under the rim. I would love to know the exact reason for the recalls.

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