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    My first several IP efforts have flopped and my wife is losing her enthusiasm. PC beef was tough, chicken was rubbery, and crock pot didn’t finish the pork butt in 8 hrs. Can someone please reply with a successful dinner recipe with which I can regain her buy-in? Thanks, Don


    Don, I can help with part of your inquiry. The Instant pot slow cooker function heats more slowly than many expect. See my comment at


    The cookbook Multicooker Perfection takes this into account, recommending often extended slow cook times specifically for Instant Pots in its recipes. Some recipes it simply suggests not trying if your multicooker is an Instant Pot.

    That said, the Instant Pot has a good reputation as a pressure cooker. I’ll leave your other questions to folks more experienced in meat cookery. However, it would be helpful if you told us what kinds of recipes you want. And what cuts of meat you want to cook.


    Welcome Don,
    Pretty much any recipe from this site should work as advertised. Except boiled eggs. I can’t get the boiled eggs to work consistently. I suspect it is me not Laura though.

    As Suzanne said, please give us a little more to go on. But in general steer clear of chicken until you have more experience. It cooks so quickly in a pressure cooker, it goes from succulent and moist to dry, stringy and rubbery in the blink of an eye.

    So what kind of meals are you trying to cook?
    Do you want a stew? A curry? A Pot Roast? Tamales? Chilli? Osso Bucco? Pasta? Ratatouille?
    All these and more are not only possible, they are easy.

    And what is the climate there right now? Here it is pushing 40°C (105°F) so cooking is the last thing on my mind. Even the computer is overheating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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