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    I’m considering purchase of an Instant Pot as a replacement for a kaput rice cooker and wondered about an issue I’ve been having with the new crop of rice cooker I’ve tried. All of them give off a strong plastic / chemical odor. I understand that this might be due to manufacturing substances (so, not from non-stick coated pot) that need to burn off, but I’ve been concerned that the smell will never fully go away.
    I’ve been happy with the way rice comes out of my (manual) pressure cooker, but I’m worried that any heating device manufactured in Asia is going to have the fumes issue.
    Any input appreciated….

    Laura Pazzaglia

    John, I personally have not experienced this with any brand electric pressure cooker (and I’ve used about five). It’s true, the origin of electrics lies in rice cookers, so I can understand your concern but the resemblance stops at the shape.

    Because of the additional heat and pressure electrics have to handle the lid, gasket, and liner have to be made of stronger materials – just like the difference between your stovetop pressure cooker and normal cooking pans.

    But, if any other readers have had a different experience than my own, I hope they will share it with you here.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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