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    Nic Holden

    I have an old recipe for pot-roast pheasant and wanted to know if anyone has pressure-cooked pheasant before. My main query if whether it goes tough? – pheasant does have a reputation for drying out if over-cooked in a conventional oven. How long should it be PC’ed for?

    Here’s the old recipe I found (sounds lovely):
    Seal a large pheasant in butter in PC; lift out and drain xs fat; lightly fry 1 x chopped onion + 2 x celery stalks ’til soft; add back pheasant + 150 ml stock + 150 ml dry white wine + bouquet garni + seasoning; cook under high pressure for 10 mins; reduce pressure quickly and remove pheasant to serving dish, add 225g halved white grapes + 4 x tblsp double cream and heat to bubbling; pour over bird & serve.

    Any advice would be useful, thanks :)


    I agree. It sounds delicious.
    I have never cooked pheasant in a PC or otherwise.

    However, if it goes tough readily, I would be wary of quick release. This has a reputation of making meat dry and tough. So perhaps 5 minutes under pressure and Natural release instead. But I am guessing. I await more knowledgeable answers with interest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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