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    I have been a long-time (20+years!) user of pressure cookers, starting with my mother’s 70’s Lagostina stock pot (around 11 L), and love them!

    As I was going thru my recipes, I happened upon a method of roasting meat (that’s right…roasting!), based on using longer, thinner cuts, such as loin roasts, searing off the outsides first, cleaning out the pan, then adding oil and a goodly amount of sliced onions sautéed briefly. The roast then gets returned to the pan nestled in the onions, a scant amount of stock added, the the lid applied and heated over medium heat until pressurized, then turned down and roasted until done (there’s a small guide included).

    I can make a rare roast that seems like it’s roasted in an oven, but much quicker and using way less energy.

    Any thoughts on this subject? this was based on the Lagostina PC of yore with the weighted valve. And could this be attempted in an Instant Pot or other EPC?


    Laura has quite a few roasts here. Just search for “roast” in the “Search this site” box. I have personally tried the Hasselback Pork Roast

    No reason why your recipe wouldn’t work in any pressure cooker. Just pay attention to the minimum cooking liquid required.
    The onions serve to insulate the roast from the direct heat from the base. There is a long tradition of this all around the world. From a Moroccan tajine to an Australian outback campfire roast. You could also omit the onions and place the meat on a trivet after the browning step. You would lose that caramelised flavour though. Sometimes that’s a good thing. They can be more burnt than caramelised.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Yes, absolutely. The Instant Pot is a regular pressure cooker with a heating element and timer attached. You should be able to make all of your recipes in it. In fact, I think the pressure is equivalent, or very close, to your T-Fal so you can use the same cooking times as well.

    Just be aware that the natural release will take longer (since you can’t remove the base from the heating element and it needs a while to cool down). Also, as Greg mentioned, Instant Pot requires a little more liquid (1 1/2 cups or 360ml). Finally, the Instant Pot is smaller (6L) so be sure to scale-down your legume and grain recipes to not exceed the half-full mark.

    I just love it when long-time users stop by, and I hope you will share your perfected pressure cooker recipes in Recipe Swap forum!




    Have basically always done my roasts this way. Instead of onions under my pork, I use kraut.


    Thanx for all the great responses!!

    The method I mentioned utilized almost no liquid, onions, and a good ear to hear the barest wisp of steam emanating from the petcock… This gives a more truly roasted, rather than steamed roast. I think this may not work with a spring valve or electric type pressure cooker… This was a lagostina method from the early 70’s. I’ve tried it and it’s works great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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