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    Your site used to have a great system for printing recipes that allowed one to include as much content as you wanted. Now it seems to have gone back to the bad old days of duplicating the “print” function in my browser. That means a one page recipe runs to 10 pages (Chicken Cacciatore) as it prints all the ads, all the comments, all the links and so on, when all I need is the recipe itself.

    Now I don’t print much myself. I prefer to save the paper and ink and work from an on screen copy. But my wife is old school and likes to use a paper copy. And she has decided she wants to use the pressure cooker today. That meant I had to spend 20 minutes hacking out all the unnecessary stuff so it would print on a single page for her folder.

    Any chance of going back to something similar to the old system, or better yet, have the print button just print the recipe?

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Hi Greg, the “print friendly” button is back. It was slowing down the website, let’s see how it goes now that I’ve made improvements in other areas.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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